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REXUS Ductile Iron Pipe
REXUS is one of the leading suppliers of Ductile Iron Pipe and related fittings. Pipes are supplied to ISO 2531/ EN545: 2006 and BS EN545: 2010 (Water) and EN598 (Sewer) specifications. Coatings include bitumen as standard and epoxy and polyurethane uppon request. Linings are cement mortar lining as standard or epoxy or polyurethene upon request.. Pipes are supplied from DN80mm to DN2000mm and in classes K8, K9 and K10 and Classes C20,C25,30,40 and 50 under the BS EN: 2010 specifications
PVC and HDPE Pipe
REXUS trades in PVC and HDPE pipe to complement its offering. PVC is sourced from reputable local extruders for pressure and sewer applications. REXUS supplies mPVC and uPVC pipes in sizes 40mm to 500mm and for pressure ratings PN4 to PN25
Steel Pipe
REXUS provides steel pipe to SANS 62, SANS 719 and API 5L specifications to the water, waste water and mining industries. Pipes are supplied in sizes from 50NB to 1000NB and are available in varying wall thicknesses of up to 12mm. Pipes are supplied as standard with a three layer polyethylene coating and epoxy internal lining. Other coatings and lining options are available on request
AirFlo Air Valves for Water and Sewer Applications
REXUS manufactures and distributes the innovative AirFlo range of Variable Orifice air valves. This design is technically the most advanced of all current air valve designs. AirFlo air valves provide automatic surge protection, large volume air release, pressurised air release and large volume air intake. AirFlo is manufactured in sizes DN25 to DN300 and for pressure ratings PN10, PN16, PN25, PN40 and PN64.
REXUS KII Double and Triple Offset Butterfly Valves
REXUS' KII range of Double and Triple Offset Butterfly Valves are available in a double flanged design for sizes DN50 to DN1800 and for pressure ratings of PN6 to PN40 for Double Offset Valves and up to PN100 for Triple Offset Valves
REXUS Resilient Seated Gate Valves (RSV)
REXUS supplies as standard a range of RSV valves in diameters DN50 to DN800 and for pressure rating of PN10, PN16 and PN25 (up to DN300 only). Valves are supplied with a fusion bonded epoxy coating and are available with either captop or handwheel operated and in left hand or right hand closing arrangements and either flanged or socketed.
REXUS Rubber lined Butterfly Valves
REXUS offers for low pressure irrigation and low budget water schemes, a wafer, rubber lined range of butterfly that are either lever or gearbox operated. This range of valves is available in sizes DN50 to DN600 and for pressure ratings of PN10 and PN16.
CheckFlo Check (Non Return) Valves
CheckFlo is a range of Check (Non Return) valves includes Single Door wafer pattern designs for small diameter and low pressure applications and Nozzle Check Valves and Silent Check Valves for prevention of surge and waterhammer on pipelines. Valves, depending on design, are available in sizes DN50 to DN1200 and for pressure ratings of PN10, PN16, PN25 and PN40 as standard.
Ductile Iron Fittings
REXUS supplies a complete range of Ductile Iron fittings suitable for PVC and Ductile Iron Pipe. Fittings are available flanged and socketed and are epoxy coated as standard.
Fabricated Steel Fittings
REXUS supplies under the VEROFLO brand a range of fabricated steel pipe fittings to suit any possible pipeline application. Fittings are supplied as standard epoxy coated to 300 microns. Fittings are available for pressure rating from PN6 to PN64.
REXUS KII Step Couplings
Accommodating a range of pipe sizes in each diameter, REXUS KII Smartfit Step Couplings cater for sizes from 40mm to 1600mm NB to successfully be used to connect most pipe materials.
REXUS KII Couplings
REXUS' Dedicated Couplings joins pipes from 40mm to 1600mm NB as standard. Dedicated couplings are a bespoke solution to the joining of a wide range of pipe diameters and, is ideally suited for higher pressure applications.
REXUS KII Flange Adaptors
REXUS KII Flange Adaptors accommodates pipes sizes between 50mm to 1600mm NB as standard and are offered in both a wide range as well as a dedicated fit design.
Rexus KII Dismantling Joints
REXUS KII provides a range of Restrained Dismantling Joints that allows for longitudinal adjustment in flanged pipe systems, Dismantling Joints are available in sizes DN50 to DN1600 as standard and for pressure ratings PN6 to PN64. Larger sizes and/or pressure ratings are available upon request.

Welcome to Rexus

REXUS is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of Pipes, Valves, Couplings and Fittings for the Water, Wastewater, Mining and Irrigation Industries.

REXUS has in depth knowledge and experience in the specialised field of pipeline systems. This has allowed us to develop into a unique entity that provides our clients with professional advice on the most technically sound and commercially viable solutions. We are committed to value engineering, supplying our clients with fit for purpose products and the highest integrity of materials at the most cost effective price relative to the product design.

At REXUS we put our customers at the centre of our operations. We uphold exactly the same objectives as our customers namely innovation, integrity of design and cost reduction in either capital or Life Cycle costs. REXUS has through this focus emerged as a supplier of choice for many pipeline related products. We have refined design, manufacturing, supply, after sales and technical support into a seamless process that delivers innovative and well-engineered products and services every time.

Our strong and intimate relationship with our products and our market, from design through the entire supply chain to the final operation of our products in the field, ensures that no product or solution is too big or small for our attention. Our services includes Pipes in all materials, Valves of every design and configuration, Fittings and Couplings to suit every jointing need and the knowledge, manufacturing knowhow and supply capacity to provide quick and efficient solutions without compromise to quality. In short REXUS supplies peace of mind.

REXUS has since its inception done business more innovatively, more customer focussed and more solutions minded. This has garnered an excellent relationship between REXUS and our customer base and this relationship has made a difference to the industry. As we grow and as our relationships with our customers become more intimate so, we continue making a difference!

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